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Eagle Imaging Services has developed a unique PDF processing solution allowing customers to send, process and combine multiple files in PDF format. This new intuitive and revolutionary process creates a software file structure that produces data matches, postage saving barcodes and audit reports. The same software then sorts prints and inserts the PDFs into a single envelope.

This unique solution was developed from customer driven needs and now removes the current risks and expensive set up charges, that customers face when sending raw data for processingand formatting.

A new, simple and effective customised solution. Give us a try and you will be peasantly surprised.

Processing PDF for printing, mailing & emailing

Is this you?
Your computer will generally create PDF for invoices, PDF for statements, PDF for Credit notes and even reminder letters in PDF. Each of the above streams are posted to customers individually. To combine and sort the PDF files into a single envelope for each customer with be time consuming.

We have a solution for you.

PDF of invoices, PDF of Statements, PDF of Credit Notes and reminder letters can be combined and grouped together using a common identifier (eg. Account Number).

DPID barcodes can be added to these PDF files to save on Postage.

Page and set numbers can also be added to these PDF files.

Intel mailing barcodes can be added to these PDF files to insert of the same address into a single envelope.

An audit report that shows you the number of customers processed, pages processed, number of envelopes produced.

The advantages of this PDF solution are as follows.

1. No need to send raw data
2. No form & data setup
3. More secure sending Pdfs
4. Still enjoy postage savings
5. Save Time
6. Improve turnaround & productivity
7. Improvement of accountability of job with detail audit report

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