The solutions that we provide are best illustrated using a one of our clients requirements.
A financial institution decides to do an update of their data base. They plan to mail out a simply survey form to their selected customer base, capture their information and to encourage response will sent the respondents a small gift.
In this exercise we will use all four areas of our services.

1.    We print their personalised letters, insert them into an envelope, and mail the letters to the customers.
2.    The responses to the survey are mailed to a PO Box. We will pick them up, open the survey form, count them, and serialized the forms.
3.    The forms are then scanned and the data captured. A report is generated and the data given to the client in soft copy form.
4.    A small gift which is stored at our location is then packed and a letter printed to thank the respondent for his participation in the survey. We then mail it on behalf of the institution.

This example is just how Eagle Imaging Solutions can help in cutting down the time required for the mailing cycle, reduced handling, streamline suppliers, get better value and all done under one roof.